A4 Magnetic Paper

Our range of A4 Magnetic Paper can have multiple uses and are suitable in almost all environments. Our Self-Adhesive Magnetic Paper is designed to create a magnetic surface where there wasn't one before! The backing of the sheet is non-magnetic but once the protective paper sheet is peeled away it becomes self-adhesive and will firmly stick to almost any non-magnetic surface. This then allows the opposite side to act as a magnetic surface!

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The Magnetic Sheeting without the self-adhesive backing is designed to adhere securely to ferrous metallic surfaces and is great for the purposes of advertising or photographic display. You are able to print images and text onto these magnetic A4 sheets with your everyday inkjet or laser printer, therefore make advertising your business, or just displaying magnetic photographs, a cheaper and easier process. They can stick to any ferrous metallic surface such as the fridge at home, a filing cabinet at work, or even the door of the company car!

Our A4 sheets come in varying thicknesses - the thicker the sheet, the stronger the magnetism and therefore the more secure it will be against the surface. We offer both a glossy and matt finish as well as white, grey and, in the case of the self-adhesive paper, black.