A4 White Gloss Magnetic Label - 210mm x 297mm x 0.8mm (1 PER PACK)

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Our A4 Magnetic Label has a length of 210mm, a width of 297mm and a 0.8mm thickness. Magnetic labels are very useful products to help with the smooth and timely communications at home, work or at play. Their ease of use, cut to suit individual requirements, and removal with no material penalty via the agency of magnetic engagement is highly desirable.

Magnetic labels constitute a safe and secure, permanent and rewritable surface to record specific messages for the safe operation or conditions of use on metallic surfaces like white goods, interiors of mobile homes, marine craft, electrical and plumbing units and warehouse infrastructure housing great volumes of a great variety of stock.

Warehouse staff earmarked for the dreaded task of stocktaking are sometimes issued with a survival pack before undertaking this annual business ritual. These aisle warriors, venturing where angels fear to tread, are equipped with a high visibility stack hat and distress whistle, emergency rations and bundles of A4 magnetic labels. Labels affixed to shelving records stock details with the aid of a marker pen for permanent or temporary expression.

Magnetic labels constitute a reliable and versatile method of mapping inventory. It is a vital means of identification and measurement and imposes order on the annual muster of sometimes unruly stock. Armed with magnetic labels, these aisle warriors have the means to impose order as they venture into the catacombs of industry.

Returning from where only eagles dare, these cataloguing veterans emerge weary yet victorious into the soft dawn light, their rations and magnetic labels exhausted, having tamed even the most far flung and wildest forms of inventory.

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