Gloss White Magnetic Paper

Glossy Magnetic Paper is a great way to advertise your business through glossy flyers, fridge magnets or magnetic business cards. Our flexible Magnetic Paper is able to be cut, laminated and printed on so as to suit your taste and preference. To make things easier, these glossy pieces of Magnetic Paper are able to be printed on through your everyday home printer, no special equipment is needed!

The magnetic backing allows for the sheet to adhere to any ferrous metallic surface and can therefore used in the office as a daily tasks checklist, a calendar with important dates or a weekly roster. It's also a creative way of displaying photography at home on the fridge!

The flexible magnetic material is strong and versatile, therefore will stay securely in place for as long as you need it to and will maintain its magnetism permanently! The glossy finish gives the Magnetic Paper a professional appearance while the maintaining an endless magnetic integrity!