A3 Magnetic Paper

These A3 Magnetic Sheets are magnetized on one side so they can adhere strongly to any ferrous metallic surface! The other side can either be a glossy white or a matt white, depending on your preference!

A fantastic feature of these magnetic sheets is that they are able to have text and images printed on them with a normal inkjet or laser printer! This allows for expansion of your imagination as you use these magnetic sheets for the display of images around your home, the creation of a calendar for the month that can be marked with ease, or the development of advertising for a business.

The flexible magnetic product on the back has a strong magnetic pull, is light-weight, and can be cut, hole-punched, and laminated to suit the size and shape that you need. This means that you are able to create your advertising for your business at home through the construction of business cards, flyers, and even your business' logo!