Self-Adhesive Magnetic Sheeting

Our Magnetic Paper is available with a self-adhesive backing! This feature is designed for creating a magnetic surface where there was wasn't one originally. They are made of flexible, strong and durable magnetic material that will maintain its magnetism eternally! The self-adhesive backing sticks to a non magnetic surface easily, therefore creating a whiteboard-like front surface, able to then hold other magnetic or ferrous metallic objects.

The thicker the magnetic sheet, the stronger the magnetic pull. That's why we've created magnetic sheeting that comes in varying thickness to suit the purpose you need it for! We offer the option of A4 Self-Adhesive Magnetic Sheets in two different thicknesses so as to ensure that there is a stronger option if you are in need of one! In addition to this, we also provide Magnetic Sheeting that you can buy by the metre! This gives you the ability to buy the Self-Adhesive Magnetic Sheets in bulk if you wish.