A4 White Gloss Printable Magnetic Paper - 210mm x 297mm x 0.3mm (50 Pack)

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Our printable A4 White Gloss Magnetic Sheeting is 210mm x 297mm by 0.3mm thickness. Compatible with most inkjet printers, create high quality and vivid photographic prints with this flat and flexible magnetic sheeting. Adhere your work to any ferrous metallic surface, including whiteboards, fridges and car bodies. Easy to cut into any shape or size with scissors or Stanley knife. This pack contains 50 sheets of A4 White Gloss Printable Magnetic Paper and is identified by product code 59094G/50.

297mm 210mm 0.3mm 640

Uses for our Printable A4 Gloss Magnetic Sheets:

Commonly used to print photographs or to make magnetic business cards, flyers, take away menus, and planners. 

Note: Not Suitable with Canon Ink 651XL

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