Magnetic Sheeting - Red | 620mm x 0.8mm | PER METRE

Magnetic Sheeting - Red | 620mm x 0.8mm | PER METRE

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This coloured magnetic sheeting has a width of 620mm and a thickness of 0.8mm. This magnetic sheeting has a red glossy PVC coating. Coloured side is non-magnetic. Identified by Product Code: 59123M.

Uses for our coloured magnetic sheeting:

Look at me! That's what the colour red says to all and sundry. Attention seekers everywhere love these versatile and flexible magnetic sheets for broadcasting their products and services on work vehicles and trailers, marine craft and to the surroundings of businesses everywhere.

Many printing businesses offer computer assisted graphic design services that are easily applied to the glossy surface of magnetic sheeting. This modern innovation of sign design means everyone can design a sign. Simply apply the magnetic sheet where required. These graphically inscribed magnetic sheets can be easily removed with no material penalty when a more low profile is required, the vehicle sold or for magnetic cling to another vehicle.

Red is often associated with hazard, especially as it relates to electrical or chemical hazards. Able to be simply marked with a marker pen of any desired colour, this sheeting can be cut to suit specific places and spaces like electrical cabinetry or fastened to the exterior of chemical drums like forty-four gallon drums of diesel.

Power outlets on motor homes, caravans or marine craft can be identified with a simple purpose specific hand lettered sign secured permanently with magnetic cling where desired. This simple act of due diligence can help prevent accidents or misunderstandings. Once redundant, the surfaces of these magnetic sheets can be simply erased for a new message. Alternatively once removed, the magnetic sheet leaves the surface in the same condition to which it was found prior to magnetic engagement.

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