Magnetic Sheeting - Yellow | 620mm x 0.8mm | PER METRE

Magnetic Sheeting - Yellow | 620mm x 0.8mm | PER METRE

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This coloured magnetic sheeting has a width of 620mm and a thickness of 0.8mm. This magnetic sheeting has a yellow glossy PVC coating. Coloured side is non-magnetic. Identified by Product Code: 59127M.

Uses for our coloured magnetic sheeting:

Yellow magnetic sheets are often used in conjunction with other coloured magnetic sheets as a system of differentiating materials, categories and individual units. This simple method of separating material or concepts into different segments can apply to storage unit compounds, vehicle wrecking yards, school and club locker rooms and conference rooms, craft and music workshops.

Even without the imprint of computer assisted graphics or hand written text and symbols with a white board marker pen, these coloured magnetic sheets of themselves constitute a method of category or difference. The addition of symbols or text to the surface provides further delineation within each coloured sub-set.

Signs are an imposition of sorts and available in a variety of different colours these magnetic sheets allow consideration to be given to the colours to which they are going to be juxtaposed. Whether a vehicle or outside a business or in a living or workspace choosing colours that are sympathetic to each other increases the efficacy of the information written on the glossy surface, or used as pointers or headings delineating separate units.

Compatible colour co-ordination helps draw favourable attention to the purpose of applying magnetic sheet rather than attracting attention initially as an odd choice of colours.

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