Magnetic Sheeting - Green | 620mm x 0.8mm | PER METRE

Magnetic Sheeting - Green | 620mm x 0.8mm | PER METRE

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This coloured sheet magnets has a width of 620mm and a thickness of 0.8mm. This magnetic sheeting has a green glossy PVC coating. Coloured side is non-magnetic. Identified by Product Code: 59129M.

Uses for our coloured sheet magnets:

Green as a colour has come a long way in a short period of time. It is most associated in modern times with the natural environment. Entities like councils promoting recycling protocols, National Park agencies, conservation societies, and businesses like nurseries, landscaping professionals and mowing services often use the colour green to display their allegiance to the vegetated world.

The addition of symbols and text to the surface of these sheets via computer assisted graphic technology offered by many printing companies allows you to apply these sheets onto surfaces suitable for magnetic cling engagement. These are many and include motor homes and caravans, marine craft, mobile office and accommodation structures associated with construction, development and mining encampments.

Alternatively, with the use of a simple white board marker pen hand noted text and symbols can be written on the glossy green surface of the magnetic sheet in an easy to erase manner with the aid of a clean piece of cloth or paper towel.

Easy to cut, apply, write on and remove with no material penalty to the surfaces to which magnetic engagement has been applied, these versatile and flexible magnetic sheets provide another option for the sympathetic colour co-ordination to surfaces in which these magnetic sheets are going to be applied.

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