Magnetic Sheeting - Blue | 620mm x 0.8mm | PER METRE

Magnetic Sheeting - Blue | 620mm x 0.8mm | PER METRE

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This coloured magnetic sheeting has a width of 620mm and a thickness of 0.8mm. This magnetic sheeting has a blue glossy PVC coating. Coloured side is non-magnetic. Identified by Product Code: 59125M.

Uses for our coloured magnetic sheeting:

Many surfaces suitable for magnetic cling are white. So are the interiors and exteriors of caravans and motor homes, marine craft like speed boats, and portable office and accommodation units associated with construction and mine sites.

The pleasant contrast of blue and white mean these magnetic sheets are often preferred for use in these places and spaces. The surfaces of these magnetic sheets can be imprinted with computer assisted printing technology or simply hand lettered or drawn with a white board marker of any colour for easy erasure.

These close and cramped living and working or recreational spaces reward a kinder colour coordination of white and blue for expressing useful symbols and text. These magnetic labels can specify uses and restrictions of water use and limitations or preferred methods of operation for kitchen and bathroom systems found in these mobile or temporary homes.

These flexible and versatile magnetic sheets can be easily cut and affixed where desired and are easily peeled away for reuse elsewhere with no damage or material spoilage to surfaces subjected to magnetic cling.

Situations and conditions and uses for these many and varied homes, offices and recreational spaces change. Magnetic sheets engaged for the safe enjoyment of these places provides surfaces suitable for a simple write, wipe and rewrite routine everyone loves. This method encourages changes of mind, position and allows a no punish, no fret, no regret method of repositioning or removal.

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